Polling For Change at NRHA has been established to provide members and reining enthusiasts an opportunity to vote

on specific improvements for animal welfare of reining horses.

The reining horse and horse community at large have growing concerns for the welfare of the reining horse. The welfare statements and actions of the NRHA are currently not curbing the problems beyond medication control. Their welfare statement is well below the standard of the respected American Quarter Horse Association.

Horses are suffering through excessive spurring, rein jerking, spinning in warm-up pens; an example of what also occurs at home. The show managers, stewards and marshals are ineffective as there are no constructive and definitive statements in the Rule Book to hold trainers and competitors to account. They goodwill gestures at best and often good friends of those that may well be crossing the line of acceptable animal welfare.

November 14th, 2016:   The awareness of this poll is now public and will be shared to tens of thousands of interested people showing a priority need for the NRHA for change. The Poll will remain live until acceptable improvements are made for reining horse welfare and trainers are accountable for their conduct.