Behind the Scenes of Reining Horse Fencing

Reining Horse Fencing

Have you ever wondered how they train horses to get that big sliding stop? Simple – run it flat out at a wall and if it hits it, that is okay.  That is called Reining Horse Fencing. This video shows reining trainers working their horses to build the stop on their horses. At some point in time, someone many years ago, decided that running into walls was a good idea. I remember seeing this for the first time at a futurity warm-up pen with a top trainer running his horse at a wall. The horse finally decided what he wanted and ran into the wall head first with his butt buried in the ground. The trainer patted him and sent the message ‘that’s it – hit the wall’. Now in any warm-up pen or at home on the ranch trainers use this technique.

Applying logic to the method would only get in the way of what is clearly a ridiculous training technique that is suffered by these magnificient animals. Only a reining horse would have the mind and lack of fight in it to accept this continuous training and become a submissive and robotic animal willing to do anything to avoid further abuse; no matter how much pain it suffers.

What actions are considered horse abuse? Click here to find out more.

Have some news or video of reining horse abuse? We are building a case for reform on trainers and your contribution can assist. Click here to send us information.

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