Sickening: even sicker the reiners that justify this as all good

Be warned: some people may find this distressing to watch, and its just a sample of what goes on. Are they drugged? Tired? It sure is not normal – or is it?

Are the rule makers are creating an epidemic of this style of training and showing? It happens that often now they had to add a clause in the rule book – a 5 point penalty for that single run. Reining people have no issue with this – this is what showing reiners is all about.

The horses in the video are ridden by top riders and million dollar trainers. The last horse is interesting too.

This maybe a training video for NRHA judges and members to understand what the penalty is applied for, and it was published to the public.

A penalty score of 5 points is applied for this conduct. They may be out of the money on that run, but they are back in the next round pushing the horse to the extreme.

A well managed association would be taking a more serious approach to rule making and the enforcement of rules. But maybe if the rules were enforced as members say ”there would be no-one left showing”.

Should collapsing on their knees be a suspension for six months and banned for it happening twice for over-riding or over-pushing the horse? Should it be an instant drug test? (These horses may not have been in the tiny sample of horses tested at the show that day. If they do test positive they usually get a smack on the hand. Trainers gamble their number will not come up. Reiners have the highest positive drug test results in FEI competition.)

Also, watch their tails and you can see which horses are using their tail to stop and those that lay flat looking a lot like a tail block has been done.

If you care for the Welfare of Horses please vote on our poll now for change.

Footnote: When Casey Deary’s horse went down he was applauded as a hero by the NRHA Marketing Machine as they moved quickly to respond to the claims of abuse. Deary himself releasing an NRHA PR styled response as the equine public reeled from what they saw.

The NRHA video has been wiped off the internet but the remaining image says a thousand words.
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    • Michael Notting
      Michael Notting says:

      You nailed it Sally. The horses have stopped momentum then collapse. Backing up on its knees and that paint horse is spaced out of its brain.

    • Gerard Reynolds
      Gerard Reynolds says:

      They want to be a big time sport. Then drug test before the shows – at the shows EVERY HORSE. If they cant afford it then get a new sport but this shit has to stop. Even the tails are drugged they are that desperate.

  1. Andrew Owen
    Andrew Owen says:

    Ridden into the ground. This never used to happen so I call ‘drugged!!!’ as that never used to happen either. Horses kneeling down after the momentum of the maneuver is completed. Get off cowboys and hang your head in shame. (#2 horse excluded – that was the only real misfooting) A ranch would sack you for treating a horse like that.

  2. Charissa Schmidt
    Charissa Schmidt says:

    I left the sport of reining about 15 years ago due to the pervasive use of inhumane practices in the show circut. I saw too many horses break down and injur. I couldn’t bring myself to push my horses to the point of injury just to stay competitive. It is sad to see that a sport has a history rooted in solid horsemanship has devolved into something so unnatural.

  3. LeeAnne Tomlinson
    LeeAnne Tomlinson says:

    This is a crime against these horses and just one of the many punishments they are subjected to. This sport is putrid and run by money hungry b*&^D*# with no care factor.

  4. Lynda Lafontaine
    Lynda Lafontaine says:

    So many of us who have been away from the horse world for awhile thought this cruelty was diminished but as we become more involved it seems to have gotten much worse. The saddlebred world was terrible but other breeds/disciplines are just as bad. Money has taken the place of caring and real pleasure with our horses. The show pen is such a bad place and the blame all falls on the shoulders of the judges, rule makers and the big money. More of this should go public. Spectators just have no clue what happens outside the show arena. They only see the placings and are led in the wrong direction. Sure hope something is done about this abuse and cruelty.

  5. Leon Powers
    Leon Powers says:

    I have watched the video and quietly read all the Facebook comments including the shares – I am concerned. I am a third generation rancher and started-trained many horses including competition reiners. You sort get to know a bit over time. My concern is the people that cannot see what is going on here with these horses. They are fatigued and some drugged. Their blindly attacking everyone with stupidity and inexperience with horses. It is sad that they feel the need to be Tough on the Horse and don’t put the horse first and consider why does an animal quit and get dragged back to its feet. Some stupidly comment as they only watched the first horse (benefit of doubt) others are either stupid or numb and have just not been around enough to know. Facebook certainly gives inexperience a loud voice. This association needs to get some horseman at the top that are not directly involved for the money and glory and clean this sport up. As to your question on scoring – Zero – 3 strikes and your out for 12 months. Pretty simple really.


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