Picture of Larry Rose Renowned Horse Abuser

Monster Horse Abuser Plans His Return

The Face Of a Monster Horse Abuser

In a bizarre post, self-confessed and notorious reining horse abuser, Larry Rose, plots his return in the sport. Hiding behind his family name of Marie Doyle he seeks to engage people into a new association citing the current NRHA is bloodsucking and run by totalitarians. Hilariously he seeks good honest competition. A man who admits wiring jaws shut and many other vile and cruel antics under the name of reining horse training and showing. A person that to this day some of the leading trainers and general membership seek counsel and coaching in training horses in their desperation to win. God knows what he teaches them and the cruelty being done out of sight in barns and arenas.

Any person associating with this monster should be ostracized.


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  1. Sandra Cowling
    Sandra Cowling says:

    H boasts he wired jaws shut by drilling holes in their teeth to show, put bricks in stables so can’t lie down to tire them, tied them high to trees for days, hogtied and left them in sun and no water for days, and people have seen them punctured like pin cushions with spurs, torn tongues, ripped mouths, belted till drew blood – a sadistic mongrel that should be banned from animals. BUT he has an issue with blocked tails – go figure

  2. Peter Cain
    Peter Cain says:

    Your Vibe is Your Tribe – Top Trainers still have this mongrel assist them – He has never had his membership canceled either and everyone knows what he is like

  3. Jenny McLeod
    Jenny McLeod says:

    North American Reining Horse Association is on Facebook – seems to be just Larry and Marie talking to each other hahahaha Cant wait to read the rule book and animal welfare and drugs. At least he would know all the tricks used.

  4. Steve
    Steve says:

    People caught abusing animals of any kind should be put down without a court date, they are a waist of good air quality.


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