Picture of Larry Rose Renowned Horse Abuser

Monster Horse Abuser Plans His Return

The Face Of a Monster Horse Abuser In a bizarre post, self-confessed…

NRHA Rule Proposal to Stop Tail Alteration Vanishes

A rule proposal was written addressing the vile cruelty and treatment…

Preparing to earn a million dollars in The Last Cowboy

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Outlaw Tail Blocking – Its Pervasive in Reining - its Cheating, Unethical and the Horses Suffer

Tail blocking is pervasive in reining events and members believe…

Sickening: even sicker the reiners that justify this as all good

Be warned: some people may find this distressing to watch, and…
reining horse sliding on arena

Slow Motion Reining Slide Video

Reiners live and breathe to slide their horses every day. Have…