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Reining Rollkur: any ride at a weekend show

Shame in the reining pen as Rollkur becomes the latest trend in training horses. This video is what any person would see any weekend at a reining show as trainers and riders focus on the head control and leverage of spoon bits for the control of the horse. Reining Rollkur is hyperflexion that is scientificallly […]

Reining Trainer Charged with Horse Abuse

Reining Trainer Mark Arballo Sentenced In Felony Animal Cruelty Case Written by Stacy Pigott on June 02 2015. Bella Gunnabe Gifted • Waltenberry photoOn May 27, reining trainer Mark Arballo was sentenced to three years probation on one count of felony animal cruelty in the September 2013 death of Bella Gunnabe Gifted. Arballo’s probation includes […]

Tom McCutcheon must really hate this horse

USEF Equestrian of the Year and double WEG gold medalist, Tom McCutcheon, prepares before winning the gold at the inaugural FEI World Reining Final in Malmö, Sweden in May 2011. On lookers were horrified at the training techniques applied to this horse and the video shows just why. In the frenzy to be a winnner […]

Nico Hörmann matches the US in horse abuse methods

Not to be outdone by his American competitors, Nico Hörmann demonstrates his talent in gaining total submission during the warm up of the FEI World Reining Final Warm-up. In relentless style, this man abuses this horse under the guise of professional training talent and a standard that is accepted industry wide. Working amidst the other […]

Behind the Scenes of Reining Horse Fencing

Reining Horse Fencing Have you ever wondered how they train horses to get that big sliding stop? Simple – run it flat out at a wall and if it hits it, that is okay.  That is called Reining Horse Fencing. This video shows reining trainers working their horses to build the stop on their horses. […]