Reining Horse Slides

The reining slide or reining stop is heralded as the hero maneuver of the reining event. It is the extreme and unnatural maneuver of horses sliding 20-30-40 feet on specially designed plates (shoes). It is what the crowd whoop n holler about and people expect to see when they go to a show. But are they all stopping like that?

With strict regulations on photography at events, allowing only approved images into the market, most people only see the manicured and exceptional – the 5% that can actually slide. The ones that photographers skillfully take to show the brilliance of a good horse stopping. Images for magazines and advertisements. Usually with trainers that have spent years training – and brag of the tens of thousands of slides they have done to reach this pinnacle. The horses stopped from the time they are broken in nearly every ride until the 3 yo futurity event. That’s on average 3,000 stops per futurity training program. Read our article on the damage during sliding training.

For the rest of the time it’s a whole different story and its about as ugly as you can get. Horses tortured by riders as the horses attempt to get the job done.

  • Bouncing on their backs,
  • hauling on their mouths,
  • Poorly shod and horses doing the splits,
  • Throwing their legs high instead for striding,
  • Heads pulled under their chests,
  • Backs hollow attempting to get away from the heavy hands,
  • And the list goes on.

Go to an event away from the Hollywood lights and this is what you see, week in and week out. Where the cameras are not controlled and audiences get to see what the majority of horses experience.

This is what most reining horses lives look like.  Ooouch !


What do you think of the sport of reining that most horses experience?